The Importance of Backups

Kids, let me  tell you a story .

I’ve spent a lot of time this past week  and most of this holiday weekend cleaning up my music library. Deleting duplicates, renaming files, moving files, etc.….

Overall I have been dealing with about 40, 000 files.

That’s right Forty Thousand.

This morning at 3am, I hit a milestone. I had gone through everyone of them.

Now came the moment I had been working towards. Uploading them to iTunes so I could load my iPods.

I started the upload and went to bed.

After I got up, 6 hours later, I checked on the upload.

Itunes had deleted almost 80% of my music files.

Gone. Vanish. Missing. No where to be found. Not even in the Recycle Bin.


30+ years of collecting music. Almost 600 CDs of my own that I ripped onto my PC and sold the original CDs. Countless others purchased online and downloaded.

But…Here’s the silver lining.

I back up my PC weekly so I have a backup from 4 days ago.

If I didn’t own 3 iPods of various makes and models, I would scrap iTunes all together or just use it to listen to podcasts.

Oh well, back to square one.

Maybe I can get done in time to load an iPod before my next road trip…

in 2 weeks.

So, kids, the moral of this story is to always back up your computer. The cost of an external hard drive is minimal to losing all your information and work.


While writing this, I was listening to %Title% by %Artist% from %Album%.

Absolutely nothing.


Traveling and life

happy days of life


Been traveling since 13. I have travelled a lot, covered a lot of distance, measured roads.
I just love the idea of traveling, packing all necessaries in a small bag and just go, travel new places, learn new things, understand culture, discovering.
Few nights back, I was talking to someone about a travel idea and thought of life to be the same. Its not like I am a philosopher or something. It was just a idea and I penned it down.

Here is how I think they are similar:


1. Be prepared

On the road: Make sure the car has gas and you bring a charged cell phone, a change of clothes, maps, water, and your sense of adventure.
In life: Plan for the basics (food, water, safe shelter, social support) but also anticipate that things might happen unexpectedly. Do what you can to have money saved up, build strong…

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